With rumors of an MSNBC show in the works, liberal actor Alec Baldwin slammed a photographer into a car, reenacting the Miley Cyrus twerk-fest. Time for a reminder of the serial Twitter quitter’s angry antics and vapid leftist tweets!

Here are some of the assault-happy actor’s greatest hits (that don’t involve his fists):

1) Alec dislikes Florida. And deletes the tweet.

2) Alec implies that military officials involved in the Iraq War should be executed.

3) The anti-gay slur against a British journalist, and threats of violence. Also deleted.






4) Alec smears the late Andrew Breitbart while demanding debate with the “FrackNation” director whom he wouldn’t debate before, and accuses him of assaulting Yoko Ono! No really! All deleted, natch.





5) Alec wishes he could see into Lindsay Graham’s soul? Once again, deleted.


6) Offended by the number of butts on the ground in New York, Alec calls for the banning of cigarettes. Or we could just enforce laws against littering.


7) Who killed John F. Kennedy?! Alec is just a guy asking questions. Stupid questions.


8) The Supreme Court hates democracy because of flag-waving ‘mericans!


Read the entire rant.

9) Supposedly Catholic older white male says Obama’s reelection means “the end of white, middle-aged Christian male dominance.” Deletes this tweet too.


10) Twittercide! Alec deletes his twitter account for the second time! (and returns several months later)

11) Tabloids should be regulated by the government, no matter who loses their job! Because Alec says so!

12) Alec assaults paparazzi, says they should all be waterboarded.

13) Millionaire Alec asks followers to send him $20 so that he can have peace and quiet!

14) Alec fights the power! Burn your TV! Wait, isn’t he a television star? Uh…

15) Alec whines about not being allowed to play “Words With Friends” on an airplane, holds up entire plane.

16) Alec rails on a “queen” barista at Starbucks. Poor homophobe can’t get good service.


17) Alec predicts that spending on green energy will be as successful as … Detroit. Can’t wait!


18) You know what’s really stupid? When people are proud of being moms!



That’s quite a prolific career, including multiple Twittercides, and still going strong! We can only hope for more idiocy on Twitter from our favorite hypocritical, bitter, angry, violent limousine liberal, Mr. Alexander ‘Alec’ Baldwin!


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