As Twitchy reported, Lady Gaga’s new single, “Applause” is selling well below expectations despite an aggressive marketing push from Gaga Inc.

Last night, Gaga retweeted a link that seemed to be designed for the sole purpose of garnering fake views for “Applause” on YouTube. Billboard editorial director Bill Werde caught her red-handed:

After explaining why Lady Gaga’s apparent attempt to “game the system” will be rebuffed, Werde started addressing angry arguments from Gaga’s “Little Monsters,” the term applied to her fans.

Gaga has been deleting a lot of tweets lately.

Tweetwood saved the deleted tweet:

gaga deleted tweet_002

Here’s the playlist that Gaga was directing her fans to. It contains nothing except 150 copies of Gaga’s Applause video. Hitting “Play All” would cause the video to play over and over again, 150 times.

Acclaimed producer/songwriter Dr. Luke calls the practice “not kosher.”

Dr. Luke co-wrote Katy Perry’s “Roar,” which, unlike “Applause,” is a bona fide hit.

Gaga now claims it was all an innocent mistake:

She also claims “Applause” is #1 on worldwide charts:

Mother Monster would have a lot more credibility if she provided a link to those alleged worldwide charts.  On iTunes charts in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, SwitzerlandSouth Africa, Austria, IrelandCanada,  India, New Zealand, and Australia, “Applause” is lagging behind “Roar.”


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