According to the study cited by Huffpo, when white students at a prestigious university were shown that whites make up a majority of the student body, they responded that admissions should be based primarily on test scores. When white students were shown that Asian-Americans are disproportionately represented among the student body, the respondents said that test scores should be given a smaller role.

HuffPo concludes that “white people are too dumb to know they’re racist,” which was enough to get libs’ hackles up. Inspired by HuffPo’s provocative headline, they couldn’t wait to pile on the hapless crazy crackas:

Almost racist?

Isn’t the liberal mindset to do exactly what the study’s “racist” participants did? They saw a disparity between two ethnic groups (whites and Asian-Americans), so they made it easier for the under-represented group (whites) to get ahead by lowering standards. Just as former President Bill Clinton counseled. Now liberals are calling the study participants dumb racists for doing what liberals advocate. Ironic, huh?

It’s also called hypocrisy.


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