VH1 presents the “Do Something Awards” to honor “young world-changers, 25 and under.” This year, the nominees included someone who organized a multi-state program to provide food to soup kitchens and shelters, a “DREAMer” illegal alien, a young woman speaking out against human trafficking, and another young woman who helps find funding for schools, water wells, and health centers in East Africa.

Oh and there’s also Daniel Maree, the anti-Stand Your Ground activist behind the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.

Guess who won.

Yeah, not the young lady who helped poverty-stricken villagers in Africa get access to water, schooling, and health care. “Do Something Awards” sponsor J.C. Penney is pretty pumped.

Says a company with collapsing stock prices. Thank goodness we have our priorities straight.

To be fair, the award was apparently based on popular voting through text messages. Maree seems to have gotten some help from below:

A new generation of race-baiters to take money from duped corporations and exploit the misery of downtrodden communities. Congratulations!


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