While Dems probably love to imagine crates of moth-eaten Romney campaign gear crammed into some grimy storage unit, hundreds of unused ‘Romney/Ryan’ t-shirts are actually putting smiles on the faces of African children who need clothing. The Daily Caller reports that 200 children at the Orbit Village Project in Kenya received the shirts. Volunteers “will likely be distributing more of the Romney shirts to some of the more rural areas of Kenya over the coming days.”

This story warmed many hearts, but it bewildered Ben Smith of BuzzFeed.

Here’s his idea of “the strangest thing” (more photos at The Daily Caller):


“Strange” doesn’t come to mind when seeing that beautiful smile. What exactly is so odd?



Any response, Ben?

How ’bout now?


As an afterthought, Smith acknowledged that it was “nice.” First and foremost, strange. But, oh yeah, also nice.