Not quite a week after Bill Clinton gave his, ahem, factually questionable speech to the 2012 Democratic National Convention comes news that Monica Lewkinsky is shopping around for a book deal, with the details unsurprisingly being kept top secret.  This is certainly not good for the former president, who has been basking in the warm and fuzzy afterglow of mainstream media praise about his 50-minute DNC tirade as part of his Rehab My Reputation 2012 tour.

But while it surely will not be welcome news for the former president, it definitely has been for conservatives who have had to endure an infuriating week of fawning Clinton admiration from journalists and pundits alike.  So to take a bit of a breather from all of that, conservatives decided to have a little fun today by starting the #MonicaLewinskyBookTitle hashtag.  The humorous results include but certainly are not limited to:

Tomorrow is another day when the battles begin anew.  But for tonight … just for a little while,  relax and let yourself laugh at Bill Clinton’s expense.  Because few people deserve it more than he does.