An awful lot of Democrats who happily took hefty donations from Harvey Weinstein have thus far been pretty reluctant to return all that money. Maybe they just don’t want to draw even more attention to the fact that apparently everyone on earth knew that Harvey Weinstein is a depraved sexual predator?

Well, in any case, one Dem who’s still holding onto his money is none other than Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. So, Twitchy favorite @redsteeze decided to try to find out why Chuck’s taking his sweet time:

That little checkmark there suggests Chuck read it …

So, what’d he have to say? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Huh. Well, there must be a good reason he’s taking so long, right?

Oh, snap!

We’re on the edges of our seats.




“Sen. Schumer is donating all of the contributions to several charities supporting women,” spokesman Angelo Roefaro told the Daily News.

The total amount donated by the New York senator will be $14,200, his office said.

Well done, Mr. Steeze.



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