With nothing better to do, it’s nice that CNN has plenty of time to hold the White House accountable for stuff like this:

Aside from the fact that — as even CNN acknowledges in its exposé — “the disparity is primarily due to more women filling lower-ranking jobs,” we’ve gotta wonder: why is this suddenly news?

Ahhh. There it is.

We’ll give you a hint: It was less than what they paid men.

Yeah but that was then, you know?

Total joke.



CNN’s Jake Tapper responded to this post with a link to a 2014 CNN piece on the White House’s gender wage gap:

Fair enough, sir. Here’s the thing, though: That CNN piece is much more deliberate about offering explanations for the disparity and point out that while Obama’s White House still had work to do, they were at least moving “in the right direction.” The report and piece today did not afford the Trump White House that luxury.

It’s almost as if CNN’s bias problem hasn’t gone away.



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