In case you needed a reminder that in these troubling times, the media are the real heroes:

Like, wow.

So very brave. Mary-Ellen Deily writes:

I started following Trump’s personal Twitter account after last year’s election. Social media, he has told Americans repeatedly, is our window into his unfiltered views, and I wanted to stay informed. But by Thursday afternoon, frankly I wanted to reattach some sort of filter. No, I’m not arguing for ignorance, but I’m walking away from a conversation I simply don’t want to be a part of.

In the wake of the president’s Thursday morning tweetstorm, The Post’s editorial board weighed in: “After his latest execrable tweets, it’s obvious that there is no point in urging President Trump to act with greater dignity, respect for his office or, for that matter, self-respect. It isn’t going to happen. That makes it all the more urgent for the rest of us to think about how to safeguard civility and democratic values until his presidency ends.”

Last night, I looked up tips to prevent cyberbullying. At, I found this: Block the bully. And, at (yes, a website run by the government that the president leads), I read about “Kids who Reinforce” bullying: “These children are not directly involved in the bullying behavior but they give the bullying an audience.” I also know that even negative reinforcement can reinforce bad behavior by giving the offender attention, even if it’s not the attention he initially wanted.

So, she unfollowed his account. Think he’ll ever recover?