At this afternoon’s White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t call exclusively on liberal outlets. In fact, she gave the first question to Breitbart News. CNN senior media and politics reporter Dylan Byers isn’t down with that, so he’s doing his best to help his followers understand why this is such a scandal:

Whatever you say, pal.


As is Byers’ CNN colleague Jim Acosta’s, whose whining manages to be even worse:

Put a sock in it, Jim.

Hey, it beats introspection!

And making a colossal ass of himself in the process.

Basically, yeah.

It’s … the MSM.

Guess so. Because only liberals will hold the president to account! Or not:

Neither did we.

You reap what you sow, guys.

These reporters have become quite adept at making themselves the story. No wonder it’s so difficult for so many people to take them seriously.

Even if he does — and that’s a big if — he likely doesn’t care. Which means he can look forward to continuing to not be taken seriously.

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