The U.N. had an ostensibly legitimate purpose at some point, right? Right? Because we’re finding that pretty hard to believe right about now.

A few weeks ago, a U.N. committee decided to hear arguments advocating making cultural appropriation illegal worldwide. And now, there’s this:

More from Mediaite:

Last week, the United Nations announced on Thursday that it will be partnering with  companies like Johnson & Johnson, Google, Facebook, and Twitter to launch Unstereotype Alliance, a campaign to fight sexist ads that objectify and sexualize women to sell products.

“Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world are exposed to the communications our industry creates,” Martin Sorrell, chief executive of major ad company WPP, told Huffington Post. “That influence can either be used to reinforce negative stereotypes or to set new standards of empowerment and equality.”

Nonetheless, a major goal of the Unstereotype Alliance will be to help transform commercials into a platform to empower young women, rather than the opposite. Television commercials could cast women as scientists for once, or maybe at the office instead of at home, cleaning. Maybe they could even portray women as human beings rather than sex objects, and teach boys to respect them?

Maybe the U.N. could find a less stupid way to waste time and money?

Evidently not in their mind. Though we can think of a few things …

And then leave us the hell alone.


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