Recently on “Morning Joe,” erstwhile Trump cheerleader Scarborough went after the president:

More from Mediaite:

In his endless struggle to critique the president in ever more flourishing terms, the morning host dropped an amusing Yiddishism on air, calling the the 45th president a “schmuck.”

The moment came during a discussion of the looming James Comey hearing which is expected to completely bring Washington D.C. to a standstill on Thursday. Earlier in the show, Scarborough warned his former Republican colleagues that it was critical they maintain their independence.

“Donald Trump, again, being a schmuck thinking he can buy people’s integrity by inviting them over to the White House and wowing them? I’m sorry, that’s how he thinks,” he said, “I know that firsthand. He thinks if he invites you to the White House and gives you food that you are going to cut him a break, cut him slack.”

Hannity didn’t care for Scarborough’s tone, so he decided to try smacking him on Twitter:

Scarborough fired back with some smacks of his own:

And Hannity tried to hit him where it’d hurt:


People can’t seem to decide who’s gonna win this one:

Probably best to just sit this one out. There’s plenty of room here on the sidelines.