There seems to be some … confusion about the White House’s stance on Qatar:

OK, but:

Here’s what Trump tweeted today:

It sounds like he’s suggesting that Qatar hasn’t done enough to fight radical Islamic terrorism.

According to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Trump’s tweets are official presidential statements:

OK, but yesterday, Kellyanne Conway tried to downplay the importance of Trump’s tweets:

And during yesterday’s White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders mocked the media’s “obsession over every detail of the president’s tweets.”

So … which is it? Does the White House have a strong relationship with Qatar or a strained one? Whose words represent the White House’s official position on the issues?



It seems the contradiction bug is catching:

More from The Hill:

“I can’t help you with that,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said in response to a question about reconciling the president’s social media remarks and Department of Defense comments about the U.S. ally.

“I will only tell you that we have, with regard to our bases there, continued presence in our operations.”

The president’s comments were strikingly different in tone and substance from the message sent a day earlier by Defense Secretary James Mattis and other U.S. officials.