One giant leap for (wo)mankind?

More from The Blaze:

Transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood, a freshman who was born a male, won the girls 100-meter and 200-meter dashes at the Connecticut high school Class M state championships — victories that didn’t come without some controversy.

“It feels really good. I’m really happy to win both titles,” Yearwood of Cromwell High School told the Day after winning at the May 30 meet. “I kind of expected it. I’ve always gotten first, so I expected it to some extent. … I’m really proud of it.”

That’s nice. But what about Yearwood’s unfair advantage over the other girls? That unfair advantage being, you know, biology (the Blaze also reports that Andraya has yet to begin hormonal treatments).

Yearwood’s dad isn’t too worried about it:

“As her father, I never think about it as competition,” he told the [Hartford] Courant. “This is not about winning and losing races. This is about the health of my teenage daughter. In terms of the fairness aspect, I don’t think about that as a father. I only think about, is my daughter happy, healthy and able to participate in what she wants to do? I don’t care if she wins or loses. I don’t care if she wins and gives the medals back. She got to compete as a girl where she feels she should compete. That’s all that matters to me.”

It’s great that he’s supportive of Andraya, but how is this ultimately helpful to anyone? The odds are inherently stacked against Andraya’s competitors — and going forward, Andraya won’t ever have to experience fair competition:

As for Andraya Yearwood’s first-place finishing times in the girls races, the Day reported that Yearwood ran the 100-meter final in 12.66 seconds and the 200-meter final in 26.08. According to Northeast Sports Timing, the last-place times in the boys 100-meter and 200-meter Class M finals were 11.73 seconds and 25.59 seconds, respectively.

We’re certainly dying for an explanation.

What a mess.