Man. We’re on the cusp of June, and Hillary Clinton still hasn’t gotten over her defeat last November. In an interview at Recode’s Code Conference today, Hillary couldn’t help but let her bitterness show:

No, she certainly didn’t lose because of her willingness to take responsibility for every decision she made. We’ll give her that much!

Case in point:

Oh. Em. Gee. This woman is genuinely incapable of introspection and accountability. Is there a more shameless woman in politics today?

Not even a smidgen.

Not unless blaming everything and everyone else but you is a mark of strength and accomplishment:

That’s gonna have to be one big-ass Bingo card:

It’s not her fault. It’s never her fault. Nothing is ever her fault.

Of course she’s the victim. Of course she is.

It’s pathological. Something is seriously wrong with this woman.

Hillary can relate.

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