Paragon of civility and thoughtful discourse Joe Scarborough is disgusted — disgusted! — with the state of our political culture. And you know why it’s in such a sorry state? Those damn Republicans. And, of course, that lying boor Donald Trump:

But don’t worry, Republicans: Scarborough also calls out Dems who fail to acknowledge Trump’s Democratic past.

Watch the righteously indignant MSNBC host let it all out:

Unfortunately, Joe seems to be suffering from a pretty severe case of amnesia — and he’s apparently under the impression that the rest of us are, too. It wasn’t so long ago when there wasn’t a bucket big enough to catch all his (and Mika Brzezinski’s) drooling over Trump.

So, you can count the Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost among those who aren’t super-impressed with Scarborough’s trek to the moral high ground:




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