Sheriff David Clarke goes to Washington? This is fine:

Apparently this is really happening:

“I’m both honored and humbled to be a appointed to this position by [DHS Sec. John Kelly], working for the Trump administration in this position,” Clarke told WISN Milwaukee.

Clarke will begin in the position in June.

What could possibly go wrong?


Yeah … maybe Sheriff Clarke should focus on getting that stuff cleared up before he sets his sights on DHS.

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More from the Washington Examiner:

“The position mentioned is a secretarial appointment. Such senior positions are announced by the Department when made official by the Secretary. No such announcement with regard to the Office of Public Engagement has been made,” DHS said in a statement.

But a former DHS official told the Washington Examiner that Clarke was offered the position last month and will oversee the state and local law enforcement office.

So … stay tuned?