Well, there you have it:

To replace it with … a cluster of a health care bill.

Way to go, House GOP. Or, rather, most of the House GOP.

Conservatives may not be happy about this, but at least House Democrats seem to have found a silver lining. After the AHCA vote finished, Democrats reportedly burst into song:

Nice to see they’re still committed to “going high” or whatever.

Well, congratulations to them.

We’ll see. Conservatives who are pissed at the GOP may indeed punish the party in 2018. But on the other hand, the Dems have been on quite the losing streak lately, so they may be singing at their own funeral.

In any event, Sweet Meteor Of Death, if you’re out there, now would be a pretty good time to pay a visit. Unless the Senate kills this thing first …

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Re: those beers at the Capitol:

So we’ve at least got that cleared up. Sort of.