Hillary Clinton sat down with Christiane Amanpour today, where she talked about the election and somehow managed to forget to blame herself for her loss:

Yep, that’s our Hillary.

Great question! Turns out, in addition to Russia and Comey and the misogyny — you know, the usual suspects — bad cell phone coverage also apparently played a role:


OK, well, let’s be fair. Context is important, and we shouldn’t leave it out:

That doesn’t really make it better, though, does it?

You’ve gotta hand it to her: It’s downright impressive how she keeps finding ways to make herself look like even more of an out-of-touch elitist snob.

Finally! A contest she can actually win!


Yes, please. Watching you dig your own grave ever deeper helps give our lives meaning.

Ha! Certainly not with Hillary at the Democratic helm!