As Twitchy told you, in her interview with Christiane Amanpour today, Hillary Clinton couldn’t pass the buck fast enough when it came to her embarrassing loss last November.

As it turns out, Hillary’s not the only one in denial about what happened. Former Obama speechwriter — and Hillary cutout groper — Jon Favreau thinks Hillary did a pretty good job accepting responsibility, but the media still have a long way to go:

Not to be outdone, Hillary superfan Peter Daou got in on the whine-fest — and he didn’t hold back:

If nothing else, at least Hillary can always count on Peter to have her back. And help maintain her delusions.

It really is kind of adorable, in an utterly pathetic sort of way, just how far Hillary’s die-hard supporters will go to defend her.

The fact that they’re lashing out at the mainstream media demonstrates just how desperate they are to protect their queen.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Ever. So you might as well find a way to enjoy what we’re stuck with.