Earlier today, Rupert Murdoch announced that Fox News co-president Bill Shine had “resigned”:

More from the Washington Examiner:

Bill Shine, who has worked at Fox News for 20 years, has resigned as co-president.

[Murdoch’s memo] announced that Suzanne Scott would become president of programming and Jay Wallace would become president of news.

The shakeup comes in light of an apparent overhaul at Fox following sexual harassment claims against now-former CEO Roger Ailes and anchor Bill O’Reilly.

But are there still more shake-ups to come? According to New York Magazine’s national affairs editor Gabriel Sherman, Shine’s exit could possible prompt a departure from another major FNC staple:

A new report from the Daily Beast suggests that Hannity could indeed leave the network:


Shine was Hannity’s his long-time ally whom he personally recommended the network hire two decades ago to produce Hannity & Colmes. In recent days, Hannity warned it would be the “total end” of Fox News should Shine leave, and he rallied conservative activists to back him up.

One insider speculates that the negotiations could end this week and Hannity might be out by Friday. Another said his final show could even be tonight or Tuesday evening, given Shine’s Monday resignation.

Fox News, however, said in a statement speaking on behalf of Hannity and the network: “This is completely untrue.”

Would Hannity really leave?

It’s worth noting:

Last Thursday, Sherman sent out this tweet:

And here’s how Hannity responded:

He hasn’t commented on the Shine news yet today, but it seems like a pretty safe bet that he’s not happy about it.



Hmmm …



Hannity speaks … sort of: