Dontcha hate it when this happens? Boston’s chapter of Antifa International, the group that prides itself on its brave “anti-fascism,” has a bee in its masked bonnet. And Elliott Hamilton, a writer at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, is the one who put it there.

It all started yesterday when Hamilton pointed out that there was something familiar about Antifa’s flag:

That didn’t sit well with whoever’s running Boston Antifa’s Twitter account. Pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy the show:

A file? OK, now this is getting good.

Really good:

“A chat,” eh?

Pssst … Antifa. You’re doing “anti-fascism” wrong. Can’t believe people who hide behind masks would let the mask slip like that!

Mockery is now fascism?

Oh, lawdy. Hang tough there, Antifa.

No wonder Antifa hides behind masks — they’re a straight-up embarrassment.



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