Planned Parenthood’s reputation isn’t exactly stellar these days. So they’re turning to a special group of Maine women who can help drape the abortion business in fuzzy sweaters and apple pie:

What we need to know right now is how this is even remotely logical.


“Well, GRR really started as kind of a joke,” said Judy Kahrl, who started it in 2013 to educate and advocate for women’s health and reproductive rights.

GRR writes to lawmakers and rallies at the statehouse. Those plans are often made while laughing around a kitchen table.

“There is something about grandmothers doing this, working with this and caring, because it’s not for us at this point,” said Kahrl. “It is for our daughters, our sons, our grandsons, our granddaughters.”

In other words, their pro-abortion crusade is … for the children?

Yeah … last time we checked, so-called “reproductive rights” put a stop to motherhood — and thus grandmotherhood. How do the members of GRR sleep at night? How do they look their grandchildren in the eyes