For the past month or so, the Chechen government has been escalating their crackdown against the gay and LGBT community, imprisoning, torturing, and reportedly killing gays (or those merely suspected of homosexuality).

In a powerful speech, Sen. Marco Rubio condemned the horrific actions of the Chechen government as well as Russia’s inaction and unwillingness to acknowledge Chechnya’s barbarism:

But ThinkProgress LGBT editor Zack Ford almost seems more upset by the fact that an icky conservative like Rubio would speak out against the persecution and murder of gays:

Because God forbid Zack admit that conservatives are human beings who care about other human beings. Maybe instead of getting bent out of shape over Rubio’s concern for his fellow man, he should be grateful that the senator is raising his voice in defense of Chechnya’s LGBT community and calling on the world to put an end to the brutality.

Of course, that would require Zack pulling his head out of his own ass first. And that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.