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Glenn Beck, and his conservative network, The Blaze, have filed a counter lawsuit against firebrand conservative news personality Tomi Lahren after she sued the organization for wrongful termination. In her lawsuit, Lahren claimed she was fired because of her public pro-choice stance. Beck came back swinging in a 35-page complaint obtained by LawNewz.com and filed in Texas court on Monday. The countersuit states that Lahren was never fired from the network. Instead, the company claims the network decided to bench her from air after a slew of bad behavior including Lahren’s mistreatment of staff, and making public appearances without prior approval.

The lawsuit states that Lahren’s treatment of the floor crew was “inappropriate and unprofessional” and that she constantly complained about lighting, room temperature, editing, shooting and directing. The complaint also alleges that her “word choice on air” had to be addressed on a consistent basis because she border lined on profane.

The Blaze is seeking an order from a judge that would prohibit any public appearances without the Blaze’s approval (as per her contract), and prevent her from making disparaging or negative statements against Glenn Beck and The Blaze. The complaint also alleges that the Lahren’s lawsuit is a violation of an arbitration clause which was part of Lahren’s employment contract.

That’s one way to put it. The news is being greeted with a pretty wide range of reactions so far:

So, who will emerge victorious in this battle? Stay tuned …



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