Buckle up, kids. The plot’s thickening:

More from the Dallas Morning News:

According to Lahren’s suit, filed Friday in Dallas County, The Blaze cancelled Lahren’s show after she made the controversial statement on The View. But The Blaze wanted to keep paying Lahren, the suit says, “presumably hoping they could find an exit strategy to sanitize their unlawful conduct” in breaking Lahren’s employment contract, which was to continue through Sept. 30.

The suit alleges that Lahren’s Facebook page, where she has 4.2 million followers, is not The Blaze‘s property.

The suit asks a judge to grant Lahren a temporary restraining order, which would protect her right to speak freely as well as block The Blaze from destroying any evidence related to the fiasco or infringing on Lahren’s public commentary. She’s asking for attorneys’ fees and costs, “as well as all other relief … which she may show herself justly entitled.”

Whether Lahren scores a legal victory remains to be seen. But so far, she doesn’t seem to be winning much sympathy:



Guess these are Lahren’s “final thoughts” on the matter, at least for now:




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