Jessica Chastain hasn’t had much success when it comes to being political. But evidently she hasn’t carved out any time in her busy schedule to learn from her mistakes:

Does she also hope her new film tanks?

More from The Hill:

The film, adapted from Diane Ackerman’s book, tells the true story of Antonina Zabinski, who, along with her husband, Dr. Jan Zabinski, sheltered 300 Polish Jews at the Warsaw Zoo during World War II.

“I think the more depictions we have, the more recognition of people who have used compassion to push up against hate — the stronger it makes society,” Chastain said at the screening.

“I think nothing would benefit this administration more than seeing a film like this,” she added. “I’m very excited to share Antonina’s message with the world. She was a refugee, fled violence in Russia, found her safe place in Warsaw and then created a sanctuary for others fleeing violence, and it’s a good inspiration for how we should live our lives.”

It sounds like an important story that deserves to be told. Unfortunately, Jessica’s opted turn it into a cheap shot at Trump … which, frankly, seems like an iffy approach to take regarding the Holocaust.

A self-righteous actress isn’t going to teach Trump anything. Let your art speak for itself, Jessica. Because things don’t seem to go too well when you open your mouth.



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