Maybe it’s time for TIME to re-evaluate its purpose in life. Because this? This cannot be it:

To answer your question, yes. It is as dumb you think:

As a white heterosexual Christian man it’s a reminder that if I am to authentically honor the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ this holy season, I must acknowledge and reject the privilege afforded me for the sake of taking the path of Jesus Christ.

There’s nothing better for me to do this Lent than to abstain and fast from the sexism that too often colors my life.

As a sinner who does his best every day to follow Jesus Christ, it’s time to admit that the Christian community runs rampant with sexism, and that — yes — I am a big part of it. All men are. That’s the nature of societal sin: no one is truly devoid of responsibility, though some are more responsible than others.

And who’s responsible for deciding to run that asinine opinion piece?