Did you hear the one about the Central Michigan University College Republicans who handed out these anti-Semitic valentines?


The headlines sure made it sound bad …

Clearly those College Republicans were guilty as sin. There was no possible explanation for what happened other than pure, anti-Semitic hatred.

Or maybe not:

Good thing the media who spread the story was extra-diligent about checking their facts and very careful with wording. Or not.

From Talking Points Memo this afternoon:

The woman who created an anti-Semitic Valentine’s card featuring Adolf Hitler that was handed out by Central Michigan University College Republicans earlier this week admitted her role and has left the university’s town, the school said in a statement Friday.

The unnamed “young woman” who created the card was not a student, according to the university, and she is no longer in the town of Mount Pleasant. It is not clear if she was a part of the organization or why she was involved in the College Republicans’ event.

…The Central Michigan University College Republicans apologized after they said they unknowingly handed out the card, which read “my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews” with a photo of Adolf Hitler and was signed “XOXO, Courtney.”

So, the College Republicans apologized for something they apparently didn’t do because they were horrified that it happened. They never admitted any culpability, but headline writers buried that fact in the articles because they didn’t see fit to highlight it in their headlines yesterday. Only the apology, which made the group look guilty. Wonder why they’d do that.

It seems that for much of the media these days, accurate reporting takes a distant back seat to sensationalist drivel.