Earlier today, the Senate dealt a blow to environmental regulators, voting 54-45 to repeal the Stream Protection Rule:

The Senate gave final approval to a measure eliminating a rule to prevent coal mining debris from being dumped into nearby streams, while the House backed a separate resolution doing away with extended background checks for gun purchases by some Social Security recipients with mental disabilities.

Republicans and some Democrats say the coal-mining rule could eliminate thousands of coal-related jobs and ignores dozens of federal, state and local regulations already in place.

The Interior Department, which announced the rule in December, said that it would protect 6,000 miles of streams and 52,000 acres of forests, preventing coal mining debris from being dumped into nearby waters.

For outrage’s sake, multiple MSM outlets refer to the rule as “Obama-era,” despite the fact that it was only established this past December:

But just for good measure, they’re kicking the outrage factor up several notches another way.

For example, you’ve gotta hand it to CNN here. This is downright sneaky:

Neat trick, CNN.

If by “mentioning,” you mean “showing footage without context.” Watch for yourself:

Guess that wasn’t worth bringing up.

Looks like Reuters did it, too:

Must be contagious.

Media bias is alive and well. (As if there were any doubt.)

Editor’s note: Thanks to tweeter @lifebythecreek for directing us to the CNN video.



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