Rumor has it that had his speech not been canceled due to violent riots, Milo Yiannapoulos was planning to out undocumented students at UC Berkeley.

From SFGate yesterday, before the event was set to take place:

UC Berkeley officials are warning the hosts of a Wednesday night event featuring right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos that his campus speech may be used to target individual students in the country without documentation.

“We are deeply concerned for all students’ safety and ability to pursue their education here at Cal beyond Milo’s speech,” the university’s Office of Student Affairs said in a letter Tuesday to the Berkeley College Republicans, the students hosting the event. “Milo’s event may be used to target individuals, either in the audience or by using their personal information in a way that causes them to become human targets to serve a political agenda.”

So, there’s as yet no concrete proof that the Yiannopoulos would’ve targeted undocumented students, but Chris Hayes doesn’t need proof:

Who cares? Because why wait until you can verify a story before you help spread it around? Right, Chris?

Seriously. What possible “context” could justify violent riots?

Good Lord. What a cluster. Next time, Chris, do yourself a favor and keep your journalism to yourself.