Many conservatives who proudly called themselves #NeverTrump are pleased with Trump’s choice of Neil Gorsuch to fill the SCOTUS vacancy left by the late Justice Scalia. JuiceVoxer Matt Yglesias seems to think that’s hilarious for some reason.

Aside from failing to understand the point of #NeverTrump …

Yglesias also apparently has no ability to gauge relative levels of embarrassment:

Oh, Matt. You are the last person who gets to accuse anyone of being pathetic and/or embarrassing.

Sure he can!

And who can forget about this gem?


There is, of course, plenty more where that came from. Because this is Matt Yglesias, after all.

Even if we ignore Matt’s long list of embarrassing and pathetic failures, there are plenty of political failures far more worthy of derision than #NeverTrump. We can even just focus on recent history to make it easier:

And Hillary’s just one Democrat! The Democrats have practically written the book on embarrassing and pathetic.

And the best part?

Not by a long shot. And something tells us Matt’s not done, either.



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