Samantha Bee seems to be under the impression that she wields a lot of political clout. An overinflated, over-stroked ego will do that, you know.

She’s so convinced that she can make a difference, she’s found a new way to stick it to Trump and all those rubes who voted for him:

Gird your loins, kids:

Instead, Ms. Bee, host of the topical TBS comedy show “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” and her colleagues are planning a counter-event that will take place in Washington on April 29, the same night as the Correspondents’ Association dinner.

This alternative gala, which is being called “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner” and was announced on Monday, will be at the Willard Hotel. Ms. Bee said that it was not an attempt to comment on or compete with that other, better-known banquet, but a night to include jokes about Mr. Trump that she and like-minded comedians want to make.

“We’re not trying to supersede it,” she said in a telephone interview. “We just want to be there in case something happens — or doesn’t happen — and ensure that we get to properly roast the president.”

Because she doesn’t already dedicate every “Full Frontal” episode to roasting Trump and conservatives. This is gonna be totally original and different and hilarious, you guys.

Of course …

Maybe Bee and the WHCA Dinner will just cancel each other out and leave the rest of us alone.



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