Last week during the Inauguration Day protests, alt-Right leader and white supremacist Richard Spencer was punched in the face by an anti-Trump rioter. Lefties were OK with it, though, because while Spencer was socked in the middle of an interview and was not actually posing a physical threat to anyone, his abominable ideas meant he was totally asking for it.

That’s certainly how actor-comedian Patton Oswalt feels about the whole thing:

Violence is totes hilarious when it’s directed at someone you don’t like!

Literal Nazis, Patton? Or just the people you designate as Nazis because they get on your nerves?

Yep. For years, liberals have referred to Republicans and conservatives as Nazis. Does that mean it’s OK to assault them?

There’s no question that Richard Spencer subscribes to and espouses some heinous ideologies. But if you decide that it’s fine to start punching everyone you disagree with, who’s to say someone won’t punch you someday?

Here’s some parting reading material for Patton’s consideration:



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