BuzzFeed is evidently home to a bunch of gluttons for punishment. They still haven’t clawed their way out of the hole they dug with that Trump “dossier,” and today they’re back with this bombshell:

From BuzzFeed:

White House adviser Steve Bannon, Treasury secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin, and Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany were registered to vote in multiple states during the presidential election.

So are Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and close White House adviser, and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, both part of Trump’s tight-knit circle of insiders during the tumultuous campaign and new administration.

Literally millions of Americans are registered to vote in multiple states. It can happen when someone moves, but fails to notify voting officials. It would only be criminal if a person tried to cast multiple ballots on Election Day — something that experts agree happens extremely rarely.

And that’s just it. As far as everyone knows, none of the people listed above tried to cast multiple ballots. But clicks trump truth over at BuzzFeed. Way to journalism, guys!

That quote is in BuzzFeed’s piece, by the way. As Trump would say, sad!

Here’s that definition:

You still messed up, BuzzFeed.

This was nothing more than yet another attempt to catch Trump red-handed. If they want to dig up dirt on Trump, they’re going to need to find legitimate dirt and stop trying to conjure it out of nothing.

By all means, BuzzFeed. Keep this up.



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