Now that Barack Obama is officially out of the White House, journalists can get back to doing their jobs and holding the president and his staff accountable for their words and actions. The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza, for one, can’t wait to get started:

Wow, Ryan. That’s quite a revelation you’ve got there!

Hate to break it to you, Ryan, but politicians have been lying since the dawn of politics. And your willful blindness is no excuse for failing to call them out before now. Lord knows you’ve had plenty of opportunities:

Lizza and his MSM colleagues’ dismay at the Trump camp’s blatant lies would carry a lot more weight if they hadn’t sat by and let Obama and the Democrats skate on lie after lie after lie for the past eight years.

Sorry, Ryan. Sorry, media. But that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Donald Trump and his staff may very well stand up there on that podium and lie to our faces. But the media will have played a major role in giving them the confidence to do that; after all, they willingly indulged the Obama administration’s repeated lies.

The media have dug this grave for themselves. Maybe someday they’ll manage to dig their way out, but that won’t happen before they start holding all politicians — Republican and Democrat — to account.