The big Women’s March on D.C. is set to take place on January 21, but feminist writer Jessica Valenti isn’t nearly as excited about it as she used to be. Thanks a lot, pro-life women!

From The Atlantic:

Pro-life women are headed to D.C. Yes, they’ll turn out for the annual March for Life, which is coming up on January 27. But one week earlier, as many as a few hundred pro-lifers are planning to attend the Women’s March on Washington, which has been billed as feminist counterprogramming to the inauguration.

But others are looking for solidarity. Many pro-life women felt just as outraged as pro-choice women about Donald Trump’s conduct and comments, including the revelation that he once bragged about groping women without their permission. For their part, the organizers say pro-lifers will be welcome to march on January 21st. A pro-life group based in Texas, New Wave Feminists, was granted partnership status on Friday. “Intersectional feminism is the future of feminism and of this movement,” said Bob Bland, one of the event’s co-chairs. “We must not just talk about feminism as one issue, like access to reproductive care.”

Well, we certainly can’t have that.

Stand up for women! Except for the icky pro-life kind. Way to feminism, Jessica!

Hate to break it to you, Jessica, but you’re doing it wrong.

Bingo. Jessica doesn’t give a crap about women’s rights. For her, feminism is purely a vehicle to promote the slaughter of the unborn.

Perverse — and downright disgusting.


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