A short time ago, news broke of a deadly shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport:

The story is still developing, and there are reports of possibly another active shooter:

As new information continues to trickle in, helpless to do much else, many people are sending their thoughts and prayers to the victims and to all those affected by what’s happened. Among those offering their prayers are Republican politicians — and the Center for American Progress’ Igor Volsky can’t wait to crap all over them for it:

These Republicans are praying for the victims; Volsky is dancing on their graves. Who deserves to be shamed for their response to today’s deadly shooting? Hint: It’s not the Republicans.

Don’t worry, Igor. You’re in good company:

Classy as always.

Shame on Volsky, Moulitsas, and all the progs who show their “compassion” for victims by sliming those who pray for them.





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