Hoo boy.

“It is over.” As Twitchy told you, that’s what Joe Biden told Senate Democrats who were still holding out hope that they could keep President Trump from becoming a reality. Biden probably thought he was just telling the truth, but to Michael Moore, the vice president — and Senate president — apparently had more sinister intentions:

First of all, why did Moore opt for “Senate preident [sic]” instead of Biden’s name?

And second of all, why did Moore feel the need to point out the Senators’ race? Is he seriously trying to suggest that Biden’s reality check was racially motivated?

Look. We know that the Democratic Party has a race problem — namely that they’re completely obsessed with it — but come on.

A bit of friendly advice from across the aisle: Sit down, Michael, before you really hurt yourself.



OUCH! Annoyed Joe Biden delivers painful reality check to Dems objecting to Electoral College results