Earlier today, in response to mounting concerns about Russian cyberattacks against the United States, President Obama vowed to impose sanctions on Russian intelligence services and ejected 35 Russian intelligence operatives from the U.S.

That’s great and all, but where were the Obama administration’s concerns before? What was it that suddenly lit the fire under their butts?

That sounds about right.

Plenty of media — the same media who relentlessly mocked Mitt Romney for calling Russia our number one geopolitical foe — have suddenly discovered that Russia is in fact a very real threat to American security. Many outlets are even referring to the Russian cyberattacks as “election hacking,” which is, of course, extremely dishonest, to put it mildly.

But their newfound fear and apprehension when it comes to Russia appears to be shared now by President Obama. So nice of him to get around to acting on Russia after shrugging his shoulders at their previous hacking jobs!

Anyone else feeling somewhat disconcerted by the fact that President Obama waited until he had one foot out the door to put his other foot down about Russia?

You know what else is disconcerting? The very real possibility that if the election had gone differently, Obama would’ve let all of this continue to fester.



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