As Twitchy told you, a piece of human excrement confronted and harassed Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue plane. The jagoff and his college professor husband got booted from the flight as a result.

But if you were to ask über-feminist Jessica Valenti for her take on the situation, rather than putting her money where her big mouth is, it looks like she’d be siding with the aggressors in this case:

“Massively uncool”? So generous of Jessica to concede that point.

Unless those grown women are related to people you don’t like. Right, Jessica?

We guarantee you Jessica would be right there with her torch and pitchfork. But for Ivanka? Victim-blaming is the best she can muster.

Guess membership in The Sisterhood is conditional. How’s that for feminism?

Go figure:


In other words, Jessica’s a feminist fraud.



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