It can’t be easy being George Takei, what with being plagued by chronic ignorance and all. But bless him, he keeps pushing ahead with his liberal thought crusade. Yesterday, he tweeted out this Very Important Message:

Dear Democrats: You had better be prepared to filibuster folks like Mattis, Flynn, and Sessions. We are counting on you to hold your ground.

Are you counting on them, George? Are you? Because that could be a problem …

It seems George forgot (or just never knew to begin with) that Dems — led by the illustrious Harry Reid — kneecapped themselves a while ago. They made this bed, despite repeated warnings from Republicans.

We almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

Indeed he did.

But not before several intrepid tweeters grabbed screenshots:

Tough break, George.

George can delete all the tweets he likes. Unfortunately for him, he’ll never be able to bury the fact that when it comes to politics, he’s a total space cadet.

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