Feminists are nothing if not clever, as evidenced by this upcoming stunt designed to stick it to Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

Yaaaaaaaas, kweens!

Under stipulations that state health officials proposed in July, Texas hospitals and abortion providers will be prohibited from disposing fetal remains in sanitary landfills, per existing protocol. Instead, beginning Dec. 19, reproductive health care providers will be required to cremate or bury the remains of fertilized embryos.

Although hospitals and clinics will be responsible for ensuring proper disposal, the cost of burial could trickle down to patients who receive dilation and evacuation procedures, which are used for many second trimester abortions as well as miscarriages. Health officials have insisted the rule will not apply to fetuses that are miscarried naturally or aborted at home, but some reproductive rights advocates are choosing to offer up those remains in protest.

In a Facebook post shared by reproductive rights advocate Ele Chupik, organizers are encouraging people who “aren’t sure about the fertilized status” of soiled menstrual products and “indefinitely ruined underpants” to mail those items straight to Abbott, an outspoken abortion foe. Mic reached out to Abbott’s office but has not yet heard back.

Abbott believes that humans — yes, even the unborn ones! — are worthy of dignity. Naturally, pro-abortion feminists feel he needs to be shamed for it. And what better way to teach him about respecting the rights and dignity of grown women than to send him bloody tampons?

At the very least, it qualifies as disgusting. And immature. And stupid. And did we already mention disgusting?

So at least that’s something to look forward to.

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