Some people in the GOP are still bitter that Independent conservative candidate Evan McMullin stood up to Donald Trump, so they’re looking for new and exciting ways to stick it to him.

Take Kathleen Anderson, president of the Utah Federation of Republican Women, for example:

Yeah … there’s just one little problem: It’s not even remotely true.

“A lie” is certainly what McMullin campaign digital communications director Sarah Rumpf is calling it:

McMullin himself is pushing back against the bogus claim:

Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who was instrumental in McMullin’s campaign, is also setting the record straight:

If Anderson was hoping to shame McMullin, her plan backfired. The only person she’s shamed here is herself.

(Anderson has yet to reveal her source, just in case you were wondering.)

Editor’s note: This post has been amended to clarify that Rumpf served as the McMullin campaign’s digital communications director. It has also been updated with additional tweets.



Well, well, well … looks like Anderson finally decided she’d had enough of being called out for spreading baseless lies. She deleted her earlier tweets and sent out these:

Lesson learned? We’ll see.