Liberals don’t have much use for the unborn, but once a child becomes old enough to hold a sign? That child becomes invaluable:


“What we need now” is for self-righteous parents and so-called adults to stop using children as political props.

Actually, that’s exactly what it was:

Kaio’s mother, Brisa Pinho, a Brazilian-American with dual citizenship made the sign. “I thought it was a good idea to create a bold sign as if it was my son saying it,” Pinho told The Huffington Post. “The wall I speak of in the sign is figurative. [It’s] a wall of hate, racism, and xenophobia that if built in the years ahead, will be teared Down by my son and his generation.”

It’s bad enough that Ms. Pinho admits to exploiting her son. But for her (and HuffPo, for that matter) to be proud of it, too? Pretty gross.

And maybe, parents, while you’re at it, find a babysitter for your kids while you go protest:

Though Kaio is only 3, Pinho felt it would be safe to take her son, who likes crowds and music, to the protest she described as “extremely peaceful.”

Hope for young Kaio’s sake that Ms. Pinho doesn’t bring him to any more “peaceful” protests.



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