Maybe when all the self-righteous celebrities calm down, they can take a few minutes to do some serious introspection. Wondering why Hillary failed to clinch the presidency? Maybe — just maybe — it had something to do with so many Americans fed up with condescending Hollywood elitists. Take Taran Killam, for example. Killam, an actor/comedian recently fired from SNL, had this to say about many of Trump’s voters last night:

Wow. It really is shocking liberal celebs like Killam weren’t able to win over more of the electorate’s hearts and minds!

Killam soon clarified his remarks:

Yeah, that’s much better. Don’t you all think so?

Apparently Killam finally got tired of getting his butt handed to him, because he tweeted this out earlier today:

Maybe he should just step away from Twitter for a while, before he embarrasses himself yet again.



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