Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby hasn’t exactly got a stellar reputation, but today, she may have outdone herself:

No, it wasn’t that tweet that was the problem; it was this one:

Mosby may have deleted the tweet (it was reportedly up for about 30 minutes), but a wiser move would’ve been to never send it in the first place. The internet never forgets, after all.

So, did Mosby in fact break the law? The Baltimore Sun says yes:


In Maryland, voters aren’t allowed to take photos anywhere inside a polling location, let alone inside their ballot booth. State regulations ban cell phones, pagers, cameras or computer equipment anywhere in an early voting center or polling place.

“It’s not allowed,” said Nikki Baines Charlson, deputy administrator of elections for Maryland. “Voters can’t use electronic devices in the polling place. When you’re outside the voting room, that’s fine. When you enter the room, all electronic devices need to be put away.”

If what she did was illegal, will she face any consequences?

Charlson said she did not know the possible penalty for a violation. She said officials were researching the matter.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.



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