What fresh (-baked) hell is this?

That’s no statue, dear.

Yes, that’s a cake. A giant, creepy Trump HEAD CAKE.

OK, but seriously. What the hell is with that cake?

We may not be angels, but we’re pretty sure we didn’t do anything to deserve something like this.

It’s like something out of our … out of our … what’s the word? Oh:

Yes. Nightmares. This is nightmare fuel if ever there were nightmare fuel.

Was the cake actually supposed to look like that?

That makes sense, actually.


This may actually be one of the most not-fine things we’ve seen in a very long time.

Or maybe it’s this:

If that’s true, we can definitely empathize with that cake.

At least it can’t possibly get any worse, though. Right? Right?

Oh, for the love of …

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