The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart had something important to say to black Americans today:

Capehart begins:

Okay, black people. Look, I get it. Hillary Clinton isn’t Barack Obama, and the history she could make as the first woman president of the United States does not move you in the way making Obama the first African American president did. But if you love Barack and Michelle as much as you say you do, you better get over it. A “President Trump” will erase everything they have accomplished.

And concludes with this:

Stunning things happen when African Americans defy the odds. Obama knows this. Clinton knows this. But they also know that far too many black voters might sit on the sidelines because Obama is not on the ballot. And that’s true. The president isn’t on the ballot. But the Obamas — everything they stood for, everything they achieved, everything they and their family symbolize about this nation and black people — are on the ballot. All of that will be erased if Trump wins the election.

Believe me.

If you’re rolling your eyes at that, just wait: It gets even better. Because Donna Brazile pimped Capehart’s post on her own Twitter feed:

Looks like somebody’s a glutton for punishment! It’s almost as if she has no shame whatsoever. But that can’t possibly be true, can it?

Seems Donna didn’t think this through very well.

What happens to those who don’t love them? We shudder to think.

Could Brazile — and Capehart — be any more condescending?

May we offer you some free advice, Donna? Shoot for a little less racism — and a lot more integrity.



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