At a Florida rally earlier this week, Hillary Clinton reminded her audience that she was in New York City on September 11, 2001. Just one little problem:

Oops! Lucky for Hillary, CNN was ready and willing to run some interference:


Guess so.

CNN’s Steven A. Holmes writes:

That’s just not true. In her book, Hard Choices she says she arrived in the city the day after the terrorist attacks.

“After a long, sleepless night in Washington, I flew to New York with Chuck Schumer, my partner in the Senate, on a special plane operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency,” she wrote. “The city was in lockdown, and we were the only ones in the sky that day, except for the Air Force fighters patrolling overhead.”

Clinton has recounted this same narrative many, many times, making her rally comments puzzling.

Actually, the only thing that’s puzzling about this is that Holmes finds Hillary’s inconsistency puzzling. The woman is nothing if not a pathological liar.

And CNN is nothing if not willing to “mislead” readers when Hillary benefits.